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17 Maart 2022

Elle Decoration

We want the process to be so comfortable for the client that it’s pleasant to look back on afterwards, whether it’s a 360° “complete design” project or a 180° “re-design” of an existing house.


22 December 2021

ELLE Decoration

A look inside: a family thatched-roof villa in Blaricum

11 November 2021

Hoog Design 04

Kabaz transformed the interior and exterior of the existing villa into a place where luxury, comfort, tranquillity and experience optimally converge. 

11 November 2021

The Art of Living

Kabaz is primarily known for its new-build and renovation projects. What is less known is that this architecture firm in the Gooi region also carries out complete metamorphoses. 

11 November 2021

The Art of Living

The Art of Living speaks with Kabaz about a metamorphosis of a stately canal house.

14 Juni 2021

Hoog Design

An eclectic penthouse where style and function merge seamlessly into a unique, unified concept.

11 Juni 2021

Excellent Wonen & Leven

In terms of design and use of materials, the spacious pergola and luxurious pool house are a nod to the exterior of the villa.

02 Maart 2021

Excellent Wonen & Leven

About twice a year, Kabaz transforms the atelier in terms of style and atmosphere.