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How we work


At Kabaz, every collaboration starts with an intake in which we discuss the client's housing needs. The beginning point is always a blank page, whether it is a 360° complete design or a 180° redesign. Read more about our different designs.

360° project
The complete design

From initial design to completion, Kabaz is the single point of contact and executing party in new construction and renovation projects. Space - inside and outside - light, shape, material, colour and lines: it is all coordinated until everything fits, down to the smallest detail. The result is a total experience of perfection. Aligned with the client's needs, in the unmistakable signature of Kabaz.

180° project
The redesign

A complete redesign of the interior in an already-built house. In line with the values of Kabaz, suitable and surprising at the same time. The entire process remains in our hands and runs according to a tight schedule with clear agreements. From walls, floors, colours and fabrics to even lighting, art pieces, furniture and labelled bedding.