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About Kabaz


Kabaz is a full-service (interior) architecture firm led by designer Bertram Beerbaum and architect André de Vos. Their team consists of experienced architects, interior architects, structural engineers, project managers, architectural draftsmen, interior designers and interior stylists. All are passionate specialists who not only create but also direct and execute.

We show our work from the point of view of architecture, structural engineering, interior design, and styling. In a Kabaz design or Kabaz residence, one unmistakably registers the style and ambiance of Kabaz with all the senses. It feels like home.

André de Vos & Bertram Beerbaum

Moreover, Kabaz’s working method, in which unburdening is an important theme, the quality Kabaz delivers throughout the entire route, the craftsmanship in every area, the luxury and the perfection down to the smallest detail are all elements that merge into the final result.