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5 Keizers Amsterdam


Office building

5 Keizers - lift

5 Keizers - detail

5 Keizers - Grey7

5 Keizers desk



5 Keizers trap

5 Keizers - trap

Client’s wish
A building located on the Keizersgracht, a house with several tenants, lacked an entrance that matched its surroundings and the architecture.

Executed by Kabaz
The entrance of this building has been given the pleasant luxury of a fashionable hotel lobby. Whoever enters the space feels most welcomed. The difference between high and low – both the lounge and the meeting room on the left have considerably lower ceilings – conveys first a sense of grandeur and, just after that, security.

The furniture is from Bertram Beerbaum's own collection and was designed for the new Dutch interior brand ‘Grey7’.

5 Keizers bank

5 Keizers bank

5 Keizers