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Pied à terre



Pied à terre R9 - Kitchen

Client’s wish
An apartment with all the comfort and luxury of home as well as a beach vibe so every weekend is like a holiday.

Executed by Kabaz
Pure and lavish materials in a combination of beach and comfort. A ‘home away from home’ feeling, where you immediately feel as though you are on holiday. Your own outdoor patio as an extended living room, at a 2-minute walk from the beach.

A new apartment, completely stripped down and newly decorated with all the luxury and details you would expect in a high-end apartment. The client was completely reassured, and the apartment was even delivered with a fully stocked refrigerator.

Pied à terre R9 - Living



Pied à terre R9 - bedroom


Pied à terre R9 - Wardrobe

Pied à terre R9 - Gessi

Pied à terre R9 - Wardrobe

Pied à terre R9 - bedroom

Pied à terre R9 - Wine cellar


Pied a Terre R9 trap

Pied a Terre R9 trap 2

Pied a Terre R9 deco

Pied a Terre R9 kast

Pied a Terre R9 slaapkamer

Piet a Terre R9 Douche

Piet a Terre R9 Deco

Piet a Terre R9 badkamer rek