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Prairie House



Client's wish
Our client - like us - was charmed with the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and longed for a home in the "Prairie Style". This style is characterized by horizontal lines, flat or shallow roofs, delicate decorations and ornamentation. With that information, and a clear picture of the client's lifestyle, Kabaz had a basis for the design.

 Executed by Kabaz
Wide, stretched, and embedded in nature is one of the descriptions of a so-called Prairie House. The large overhangs, the layering of the slightly slanted roofs, and the choice of materials and colors ensure the house blends in with its surroundings. Moreover, the overhangs provide a subtle transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Sophisticated details

  • Overhangs offer a soft boundary between the inside and outside.
  • Natural colors and materials like natural slates, copper, wood, and brick have been chosen.