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Modern Villa



Villa T14 - Kitchen

Client’s wish
A modern home with a ‘friendly’ appearance.

Executed by Kabaz
Kabaz actualised the home from the design sketch to the final styling details. The result: a beautiful, modern dwelling with a thatched roof for the desired friendly appearance. Luxurious materials have been used in the finishing of the house. Both the kitchen-cum-dining room and living room have been situated at the rear of the villa. The basement completes the luxury villa. Here, you will not only find the spa and fitness room, but also a wine room with a bar and a golf simulator.

Villa T14 - openhaard

Villa T14 - Bar

Villa T14

Villa T14 - gevel

Villa T14 - swimming pool

Villa T17 front

Villa T17 kitchen

Villa T17 kitchen

Villa T17 outside

Villa T17 kitchen

Villa T17 lamp

Villa T17 outside

Villa T17 outside

Villa T17 wasbak

Villa T17 openhaard

Villa T17 douche