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Villa K8

Client's Wish
To transform the family home into a contemporary and stylish house. A home where the whole family can grow and thrive.

Realization Kabaz
The historic building has been restored to its former glory, with all its unique features preserved. The house has undergone a complete transformation with a renewed layout and flow. The former dining room is now a kitchen, the billiard room has become a modern playroom, and the guest room was converted into a children's room with an ensuite bathroom. By opening up the hallway, an impressive yet intimate entrance was created.


  • The kitchen is enriched with Calacatta marble, one of the oldest and most refined types of marble, and handmade Portuguese tiles.
  • The house features exceptional custom work, including the kitchen, fireplace, cabinets, and beds. These all contribute to the unique character of the house.

Villa K8