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Good Vibes Only

17 Maart 2022


Kabaz is a full-service (interior) architecture agency: what do you mean by that?
‘In our working method, Kabaz serves as the single point of contact as well as the executing party from the first sketch to completion, and in this, peace of mind is a key theme. We want the process to be so comfortable for the client that it’s pleasant to look back on afterwards, whether it’s a 360° “complete design” project or a 180° “re-design” of an existing house. Look, in the beginning, everything’s fun; you’re creatively working on a design, and everyone’s enjoying the process. We want to keep that positive atmosphere going throughout the project. That’s why we always plan a moment when we bring the client and the builders together on the construction site. The first pile is driven, and we raise a toast with a glass of champagne. After that, we take care of everything, from applying for permits to informing the neighbours when there’s a potential noise problem. Does the client want to come and have a look partway through the project? Then we do some extra cleaning. And if things go wrong along the way, and they always go wrong in the construction industry, we take matters into our own hands. We just solve it, so the vibe stays good. I strongly believe that the energy you put into it is reflected in the end result. Two weeks before the delivery of a project, we don’t allow the residents in anymore, so the final delivery is a kind of big reveal. Then everything’s really finished, candles are lit, and your favourite wine is ready, so to speak.’

So, you’re rather accommodating?
‘Yes, but that dedication comes from a certain self-confidence. We now know we can handle it. It’s a gesamtkunstwerk: a combination of elements that are optimally attuned to each other. Craftsmanship in every area, luxury and comfort: all these aspects come together. Our team’s enthusiasm and the quality that’s carried through, right down to the tiniest detail... If you approach projects that way, they’re bound to be a success.’

 That quality, how exactly does that come into play?
‘We collaborate with parties who know what we expect of them and who don’t constantly look for ways to make things cheaper. I also have a preference for natural materials, so we work a lot with natural stone, and of course, also with wood. And I love linen, wool and wallpaper. Actually, in all our projects there’s a certain abundance of contrasts that are nevertheless balanced, with combinations that you wouldn’t immediately expect to find together. Even though people usually come to Kabaz because they’ve seen something we’ve done and they like it, we still want to surprise them. A total solution, perfectly attuned to the wishes of the client yet with the unmistakable Kabaz signature.’

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Bron: Elle Decoration